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The 10 Steps of
Selling Your Home

With Reppi Real Estate

At Reppi Real Estate we are here to help you with every step of the Home Selling Process from Making a Plan to Closing the Sale!

Step 1: The Home Owner

Gathers Legal Documents



If you don’t already have your Title/Abstract in your possession, the next place to check is with the attorney who represented you when you purchased the home.


The deed was probably mailed to you after your closing. If you don’t have it, check with the attorney who represented you when you purchased the home.


You can have a new survey drawn, but if you don’t have it in your possession,  check with the attorney who represented you when you purchased the home.


Your bank is probably mailing (or emailing) you monthly statements and these usually have all the information you need if you don’t have the original paperwork.

Step 2: Together with a
Reppi Real Estate Specialist,
establish a price & marketing plan

Reppi Real Estate will create a Comparative Market Analysis for your home so you know the current value of your home based on recent sales of similar homes in your area. Value is also influenced by your home’s location, school district, upgrades, maintenance, or more.

A Reppi Real Estate Specialist will create a custom marketing plan for your property, including a variety of digital and physical marketing materials (yard sign, photographs, video, listing on multiple sites, and sent directly to qualified buyers).

  • Location
  • home upgrades & maintenance
  • school district ranking
  • Age of home

Reppi Real Estate Specialists

Sam has been a Licensed Real Estate Broker for over 30 years. He started his real estate career at Century 21 and has worked as a loan officer as well as a residential and general appraiser. Now he brings the skills he learned from those industries to the table to benefit his clients at Reppi Real Estate.

Samuel J Reppi

Real Estate Broker, Reppi Real Estate LLC

Michele is an invaluable member of the Reppi Real Estate team. She brings insights from running her own business, and experience working in the real estate and financing industries for over 25 years.

Michele Olon

Admin, Reppi Real Estate LLC

Step 3: Home Owner
Prepares House For Sale


Level 1: Before Listing

Before your home can be listed we’ll want to take high quality photos (and possibly videos) of your home to use in the listing and other marketing materials. Some things you’ll want to do:

  • Declutter (put unnecessary items in storage)
  • Pack away family photos and personal items
  • Clean the house from top to bottom

Level 2: Improve Curb Appeal

A little investment goes a long way when improving a buyer’s first impression of your home. The return on investment comes in the form of higher offers and a quicker sale time.
Some great projects:

  • Touch up detail paint
  • Eliminate pests like mice and bees
  • Power spray the siding, walkways, and decking

Level 3: Speed up Negotiations

If there is considerable deferred maintenance in your home, there’s a good chance it will show up on a home inspection. If your goal is to sell for top dollar consider these projects:

  • Replace rotted wood
  • Complete neglected repairs
  • Have the exterior of the home repainted

Step 4: Reppi Real Estate Specialists
Implement the Marketing Plan

Marketing methods we implement for all properties:

  • Yard Sign
  • MLS Listing
  • Zillow Listing
  • Website Feature
  • Realtor Lockbox

Optional marketing methods we use when appropriate:

  • Print Materials
  • Drone Videos
  • Video Tours


Step 5: Reppi Real Estate Secures Qualified Buyers

We screen both the buyers that we bring to look at the home as well as the buyers brought in by other agents to ensure they are in a position to purchase your home. This ensures your time is not wasted and avoids closing delays

Step 6: Reppi Real Estate Specialists Help You Understand & Negotiate Real Estate Contracts

Contract Details

Reppi Real Estate Specialists have decades of experience in understanding the details of Real Estate Contracts


We’re prepared to navigate any issues that might come up during contract negotiations and ensure your interests are kept in focus.


Navigate Multiple Offers

With our understanding of the current real estate market we can help you understand which offer is the most beneficial in a multi-offer situation.

Step 7: The Reppi Real Estate Team maintains contact with everyone through closing.

Step 8: Together we establish a
closing date with the buyer
and their team

Step 9: Box Up & Move Your Possessions!


  • Pets
  • Any Food Items
  • Decorative Strings of Lights
  • Contents of Drawers & Cabinets (check twice!)
  • Debris – the house should be “broom swept” for the buyers


  • Garage Door Openers
  • Spare Window Screens
  • Keys to any doors in the house
  • Extra Bathroom, Kitchen, and Roof Tiles
  • Appliance & Security System Manuals & Warranties

Moving Truck



Pizzas to pay friends for helping you move

Step 10: Closing!

By the closing date you must have the property ready for the buyer to take possession. Be sure you bring the keys to the closing!

To Do BEFORE Closing Date:

  • Stop garbage removal and other service providers
  • Ensure property is broom clean condition as per the contract
  • Take all utilities out of your name no more than 2 days before closing
  • Remove all worldly (and otherworldly) possessions from the property

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